Please note that safeSpace is in live Beta testing until the end of 2018. We are happy to offer users a 50% discount until then.

1) safeSpace?
2) Privacy & security
3) How safe is it?
4) Work computers
5) How it all works
6) Rules & promises
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8) Complaints
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1-1) The contemporary workplace is the locus of a damaging and demeaning struggle. A staggering 87% of us have become disengaged from our jobs (Gallup 2013). The worse the job, the less inclined we are to seek solutions; we just want out. So rather than discuss, we disengage. After all, our livelihood is on the line. According to Gallup, almost a quarter of us are "unhappy and unproductive... and liable to spread negativity to coworkers". Sound familiar?

1-2) At safeSpace we approach this problem from a working person's standpoint. Disengagement has a terrible effect on health and wellbeing (more), as well as playing hell with productivity. Many of us are afraid and angry in equal measures. We have designed safeSpace to act as a circuit breaker. In our meeting rooms people can conduct free and open dialog without fear of repercussions. If need be, we can also provide trained facilitators to help keep the discussion on track.

1-3) With a safeSpace for your workplace:
• Elephants can be named;
• Staff can speak their minds without fear of reprisal;
• Managers can ask that simplest of questions: what's going wrong?;
• Factions can be challenged to think beyond fear and anger;
• External voices can take part without being treated as such;
• Policy-making can take place openly and transparently;
• People who are shy or introverted can contribute on an equal footing;
• Everybody can suggest solutions, without rank distorting their relative merit;
• Poor behaviour can be raised as an issue;
• People can make radical suggestions without fear of being mocked.

1-4) Of course, safeSpace is not just about making workplace discussion easier. Rooms can also be used for negotiations, focus groups, open consultation, academic debate and, well, you name it. Your safeSpace room is an open channel and it's up to you how you use it.

1-5) BUT safeSpace is not a safe haven for villains! Please see "Are there any rules?". The future of this project depends on maintaining our integrity and we'll fight for that. If we become aware of the system being abused, especially in any way that puts others in the path of danger, you can expect to have your account suspended and/or closed. The Terms of Use set this out in more detail, along with the kind of circumstances that might warrant such action, and what you can do if you disagree.