Please note that safeSpace is in live Beta testing until the end of 2017. We are happy to offer you a 50% discount until then.

1) safeSpace?
2) Privacy & security
3) How safe is it?
4) Work computers
5) How it all works
6) Rules & promises
7) Support
8) Complaints
9) What's up next?
10) Prices
11) Policies
12) Who are we?
13) The Polygraph
14) Contact details
15) Status update

12-1) Both safeSpace and Email4Life are projects initiated by friends and colleagues from the New Unionism Network — an international group committed to advancing democratic practices in the workplace. You'll find a list of the members who are involved as consultants to the project here.

12-2) Here's the transactional model, which has been designed to protect your identity: safeSpace — a not-for-profit collective — provides secure communication facilities to the public. Email4Life (a New Zealand-registered company) receives, receipts and processes all financial transactions.

12-3) This separation of roles enables us to keep personal identifiers (such as email addresses, credit card details etc) separate from the set up of accounts. Nobody in the organisation has any more information than they need in order to do their job.

12-4) Both projects are administrated from New Zealand. Why New Zealand? We carried out a review of similar projects between 2007 and 2016 and found that by far the biggest "achilles heel" in systems such as these is the legislative environment in which they operate. By way of examples, check out the names Lavabit, Secret Circle and HushMail. New Zealand was a natural choice as the hub - it is the least corrupt nation in the world (Transparency International 2016) and has the world's least corrupt administration (more). It has also been ranked number one for six of the last ten years in a survey that brings together indices of personal freedom, economic quality, business environment, education and the environment (more). In short, we believe it's the world's best place to run an ethical business. HOWEVER, New Zealand is also part of the "five eyes" network (more). For this reason, our servers are housed more than 10,000 miles away. Iceland is and should remain the world's technical location of choice as long as their laws offer such solid protection.

12-5) The company director is Peter Hall-Jones, who is also founder and communications manager of the New Unionism Network. In the past Peter has been national manager of an Internet service provider and communications manager for Public Services International in France. He has a total of 25 years working in communications for the non-profit/NGO sector and is currently employed as an applications/online database developer in the health and safety sector.