Please note that safeSpace is in live Beta testing until the end of 2018. We are happy to offer you a 50% discount until then.

1) safeSpace?
2) Privacy & security
3) How safe is it?
4) Work computers
5) How it all works
6) Rules & promises
7) Support
8) Complaints
9) What's up next?
10) Prices
11) Policies
12) Who are we?
13) The Polygraph
14) Contact details
15) Status update

7-1) Every safeSpace account holder is entitled to one hour of free support. We don't care if you spend that asking curly questions about quantum cryptography, complaining about trolls or calling us rude names. That said, you need to remember that we do not (and cannot) know who you are! For this reason, you must be able to cite your safeSpace PIN number when you contact us. This PIN is sent to the account holder's email address as soon as an account is opened. This ID is in no way linked to your personal identity.

7-2) There are some things we would like to explain to all users, such as the benefits of virtual private networks (VPNs), proxies, firewalls and some of the more advanced features of Net security. We will provide you with guidelines on these things as part of an optional risk assessment process you can undertake. This is part of the introduction we send you. We encourage you to use our open meeting rooms if you want to know more.

7-3) The webmail interface for account holders is an open source product known as Rainloop. It's as user-friendly as they come but don't feel shy about asking rookie questions. These will help us put together a manual for those to whom this world is still unfamiliar. The same applies to our meeting rooms, which are run on a modified version of the open source platform phpBB.

7-4) If you find yourself needing more than one hour of user support, we reserve the right to charge for this. Support is provided in blocks of one, two, five and twenty hours. Options be discussed with you in advance of any charges and our goal in charging such fees is simply and solely to cover costs.

7-5) Please note this address; your first port of call for any and all support enquiries: