Please note that safeSpace is in live Beta testing until the end of 2018. We are happy to offer you a 50% discount until then.

1) safeSpace?
2) Privacy & security
3) How safe is it?
4) Work computers
5) How it all works
6) Rules & promises
7) Support
8) Complaints
9) What's up next?
10) Prices
11) Policies
12) Who are we?
13) The Polygraph
14) Contact details
15) Status update

6-1) We have not done all this system development work to help people engage in acts of violence, hatred or crime! We ask all safeSpace users to accept our Terms of Use (available here) as a necessary pre-condition of using the system. We also reserve the right to investigate any complaint and/or to suspend or close any account where we receive evidence of a breach of these Terms of Use. In particular, this includes any use of safeSpace for planning, commissioning, trading in or furthering acts of:
• Violence or terror;
• Extortion or blackmail;
• Child pornography;
• Spamming, scamming or the distribution of malicious code;
• Organized crime or other illegal activity (see 6-5).

6-2) We have also created a Social Contract that sets out our promises to our users and to each other. You will find this document here.

6-3) Any investigation will be carried out by an officer known as the "Polygraph", whose role will be performed strictly in accordance with the Terms of Use and the Social Contract.

6-4) If you use safeSpace for any purpose listed in 6-1, you will have broken your agreement with us. We will no longer consider ourselves bound to protect your security. You may make of that what you will!

6-5) "Illegal activity" is not a simple matter to define, in an international context. There are jurisdictions where certain behaviours are forbidden, even though they are perfectly acceptable elsewhere – such as open criticism of government or homosexual relationships. If we receive a complaint about "illegal activity" we will hold both ourselves and our users bound by the laws of Iceland and New Zealand, according to whichever is most relevant to the specifics of the complaint.

6-6) Notwithstanding all of the above, we give you our word that will NEVER take the imposition of restrictions, bans or sanctions lightly. Furthermore, you will always have the right to respond; firstly to the Polygraph (, and secondly to the system administrator ( In any case where your account has been closed, please contact the former.