safeSpaceHOW SAFE IS IT?

Please note that safeSpace is in live Beta testing until the end of 2018. We are happy to offer you a 50% discount until then.

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3-1) Nobody can guarantee you end-to-end communications security. There are corruptible server administrators, lawyers bearing subpoenas, key loggers, overshoulder spycams, signal splitters, screenshot loggers, emission monitors, mallware... and that's all before you even get online. Then there are 'man-in-the-middle" attacks and corporate snooping products (see "Can I access safeSpace from work?"). Think of poor Edward Snowden, logged onto the guest account of a Chromebook with a blanket over his head while using Tor, VPNs and proxies to send PGP-encrypted messages. It's a hideous business and the more you know, the worse it gets. In many cases, yesterday's answers are already irrelevant. Please don't listen to anybody who offers you a total solution! They are either naive or dishonest.

3-2) That said, we're not all Edward Snowden. Protecting yourself is about applying sensible principles of risk management. In its simplest form, safeSpace will protect most people under most circumstances. Furthermore, an extra step or two will help us protect you extremely well. Our guidelines for new users contain a risk assessment process that will guide you through the process of putting an appropriate level of protection in place.

3-3) If you receive an email from a safeSpace address you'll find it has been stripped of the name and I.P. number of the sender. The closest anybody will get when they look at the mail headers is an anonymised ID and the address of a few servers in Iceland. Enquiries addressed to these servers will be politely refused, in accordance with Icelandic law.

3-4) Similarly, if you examine the profile of someone who has made a comment in a safeSpace meeting room, all you will find is an anonymized ID. Date stamps and IP numbers are removed. If someone wants to know who you are, they will have to ask you.

3-5) As explained above, the only information we have about our account holders is an anonymized safeSpace email address and a corresponding PIN number. Should anyone enquire about your identity we will not be able to answer. However, you will be notified by way of your safeSpace address.

3-6) For most people, all this security will seem totally over the top... perhaps even silly. However, there are people whose lives depend on secure communications. We don't all live in liberal democracies! While we would love everybody on the Internet to be able to speak with impunity, we don't want blood on our hands! For this reason, we ask you not to use safeSpace if such use might put you or anybody else at risk of harm. We take security extremely seriously but no I.T. system in the world today is safe enough for that.